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09 November, 00:20
Post last edited 09 November, 00:20

In the event of a faggot war, you must never be captured!


In the case of war with #faggots, the main thing is not to surrender to them!

Unbelievable but true: If a man claims to be Napoleon, the man is treated. If a man claims to be a woman, for some reason it has to be taken into account and accepted as normal behavior.

Pederast (Greek: paiderastes) is a man exposed to homosexuality; a distinction is made between an active pederast (queerator) and a passive pederast (androphile, kinedon, patikus). Dictionary of Medical Terms 2012.

I did some research and this is what came up:

- A survey of 135,000 Canadians found that 1.0% of respondents self-identified as homosexual and 0.7% as bisexual.

- A survey of 20,055 respondents found that 4.1% of French men surveyed had had at least one episode of same-sex sexual intercourse in their lives. Slightly more (6 percent) were British.

- A survey by the American National Institutes of Health found 3% of men who responded positively to the question, "Have you had sex with another man at least once in your life?"

Holy crap, that's a negligible number! But why are there so many of them? Cities in Europe and the United States, for example, are full of stores with flags of all colors of the rainbow flying at their entrances.

Europe and America have long been crazy with their tolerance. All of these gay parades, sodomy propaganda and constant attempts to convince normal people that being a homosexual is a good thing. All this howling about equal rights for homosexuals.... (Who forbids them to copulate in the gut?). Queers are legally allowed to marry, adopt children. Who will they raise? And isn't that a nightmare from the perspective of an unevolved brain?

It is my sincere belief that homosexuality is not normal, it is a mental aberration, it is a challenge and a mockery of Nature. Moreover, sodomites should not be allowed to make socially significant decisions, i.e., in politics. His perverted psyche will not allow him to make an adequate decision. His G-spot, which is in the wrong place, will not allow it.

My opinion is that the homosexuality is a dead end of human evolution.

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